15/09/2013 - Kameny Mlyn, Slovakia

Judges: Mr. Bob Busby and John McCartney

180 AmStaffs entered

AMSTAFF MAJOR Best of Breed: Valentine's Baby of Fianna Team
AMSTAFF MAJOR B.O.S:  Crash Bruce Wayne
AMSTAFF MAJOR Best Junior:  Crazy Chris Puma Pureclass
AMSTAFF MAJOR Best Veteran: Royal Court Tipit Z Calvin
AMSTAFF MAJOR Best Baby: Fairy Tale Pressburg Staff

AMSTAFF MAJOR 2013 Best of Breed: Valentine's Baby of Fianna Team

Baby Class Males
1. Red Bull King of Rings
2. American Rebel The Beautiful Angel
3. Lost Angels Hurricane Long Step
4. Skyglows Cassidy Don 

Puppy class Males
1. Brown Sugar Red Pearl in Ginger
2. Dancer from Royal Court Yard
3. Tatar's Mokka
4. Perkele Cream of the Crop

Junior class Males
1. Best of Electro Step Pure Gina
2. Senator Long Step
3. Aim High with Ringmaster
4. Limited Edition Highline Armagedon

Intermediate class Males
1. Kredo Marini Raven
2. Kobo's Prometeus
3. Lewis Kilemall Z Katu
4. Ahil for Ugodins Bear Spirit

Open Class Males
1. Je Taime Iz Doma Allvik
2. Atlas Teo King of Rings
3. Shaman Tipit Z Hanky
4. Top Gun Long Step

Champion class
1. Krush Bruce Wayne - Best Male, Best Opposite Sex
2. Anikord Non Stop To A Victory For Allvik
3. Dreams Come True Prozak Canossa
4. AJ Artillery Party Boy

Veteran class Males
1. Royal Court Tipit Z Calvin - Best Veteran of Breed
2. Summit's Knight for Katerina
3. Bigris Tigris of Fianna
4. Mandli Stafford's Arnold

Country Competition
1. Russia 

Baby Class Females
1. Fairy Tale Pressburg Staff - Best Puppy of Breed
2. Chocolate of Ural Staff
3. Red Flower King of Rings
4. Annabella of Maryon's Home

Puppy class Females
1. Skyfall Shining Field
2. Electric Europe of Prozak
3. Olivia Dreams Z Katu
4. Bela Donna Mirror of Your Soul

Junior class Females
1. Crazy Crys Puma Pureclass - Best Junior of Breed
2. Furia Cosa Nostra Impero
3. You Are My Love Z Almaznogo Ostrova
4. Dolly Domino Toro Pressburg Staff

Intermediate class Females
1. Valentine's Baby of Fianna Team - Best Female, Best of Breed
2. Batterfly Madamkurazh Iriss Delux
3. Fantastic Bis Vanquisher Z Almaznogo Ostrova
4. Blue Rock For Your Eyes Only

Open Class Females
1. Wild Cat Tipit Z Hanky
2. Holiday In King of Rings
3. Lilly Premium Selection
4. Vaniloe Chudo Show Assortyk

Champion class
1. Ringmaster Pretty Ducipal
2. Chebens Tebel My Alter Ego
3. Wild Touch Tipit Z Hanky
4. Bonami Long Step

Veteran class Females
1. A Red Sunshine of Fianna
2. Afrodita Machta Vostoka Iz Doma Allvik
3. Mississippi Red Calamity Ann
4. Hilari Davil

Best Brace 
1. Z Almaznogo Ostrova

Best Breeding Group
1. Z Almaznogo Ostrova